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Clinic Reports

Last January a 16 year old Honduran boy visited The New Hope Clinic desperate for help.  He suffered from convulsions that occurred randomly and often at the worst possible times.  When this happened to him at school, he was ridiculed and laughed at by his peers causing him to suffer further from anxiety and depression.  Eventually, he dropped out of school.  Because of insufficient funds, his family was unable to pay for an examination to determine the cause of his issue.  Our clinic physician, Dr. Davila, immediately recognized the need for neurological care and through the clinic, helped him to obtain the needed tests for a diagnosis and referred him to a neurologist.  Now because of generous donations by people like you, Dr. Davila is able to provide him with the medication needed to suppress his convulsions.  The young boy has regained his confidence and has re-enrolled in school.

Read many more touching stories of how our clinic has been able to change lives in our monthly reports.

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