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Our Story 

When God closes a door, he opens a window...or another door.  The New Hope Clinic didn't just happen over night and often, we thought our dream just might not be God's desire.  But each time things didn't go our way, God has shown us that He has a better plan.  Read here about our journey.



Bunk house ​

Prior to 2013, mission teams that traveled to the region had accommodations that were far from comfortable.  Now, however, we have been blessed with a bunk house that, though quite simple, is a nice retreat for our hard working team members.  Read about the bunk house here.

Medical Clinic 

The New Hope Clinic, now in it's permanent location, shines like a beacon on a hill for the residents of San Francisco de Orica and invites everyone to enter for better health.  Read about the clinic here as well as our clinic reports for fascinating stories of life changing - or life saving treatments performed at the clinic.



Fund Raising

While we are blessed with some very generous donors (both individuals and sponsoring churches) we still conduct various fund raising events throughout the year.  Upcoming fund raising efforts are published here and on our Facebook page.

Dental Clinic

Thanks largely to the Burlingam Presbyterian Church in Burlingame California, we were blessed to be able to increase our services in 2012 at the New Hope Clinic to include dental care.  Read More about it here.




Review our clinic reports and learn of the amazing life changing treatments that our staff has the opportunity and blessing to share.  Each month we hear fantastic stories that can only be accomplished through God's grace.

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