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Our Mission

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The purpose of the Foundation For International Missions (FFIM) is to further the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So at its core, FFIM seeks to make a significant, positive difference in the lives of others.  FFIM will advance only lawful purposes, not for pecuniary profit, strictly religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal revenue code of 1986, as amended.  The stated purpose will be fulfilled through the receipt of donations and grants of money or property of any kind or value and disbursement, then of funds in support, promotion and assistance of international mission efforts addressing the needs of others around the world.  The mission originally emerges from the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19:  "Go into all the world and make disciples."  And since making disciples begins with faith believers showing concern for others by addressing basic needs of life,  FFIM seeks to practice the Biblical mandate of 1 John 4:19:  "We love because God first loved us."  Accordingly, the foregoing two scriptural principals shall forever guide the work, focus, and vision of FFIM.


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